Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Stop a Toothache

A toothache always hits you at the wrong time and at the worse moment. The pain is most times excruciating and can drag you down and make you ill. Want to know how you can stop a tooth ache fast?

One's first impulse when pain strikes, is to follow one of these simple tricks, especially if you are with people or when there's no other pain relief around. They are based on an alternative therapy known as 'acupressure'. This is somewhat based on the art of 'acupuncture'; it uses your finger pressure--not needles--at selected nerve ending pressure points. 

Between the thumb and the index finger, there's a pressure point in the webbed area. You can apply finger pressure when you're with people or if you're in a public place and need relief.

Use finger pressure on the hand that is on the same side of the toothache. For instance, when you feel the pain on your left side of the mouth, then apply pressure to the webbed area of the left hand.

Make small circles with the right thumb and add pressure gradually. Feel the tender webbed area and then add gradually more pressure to it. Massage in small circles. Keep the pressure on for short spurts of ten seconds. Release the pressure several seconds for every 10 seconds of pressure. Continue this treatment of pressure massage for at least 5 minutes or until the toothache pain subsides.

This specific treatment will be even better if you use an ice cube to do the massage into the area in the webbed area of the thumb and forefinger.

Another tip that is extremely effective in curing toothache pain is this: massage the pressure points in the just under the nose area to ease any toothache pain. You work the area in this groove called the 'philtrum' -- this is the place that is halfway between your nose and upper lip.

It's best to use your forefinger tip or your forefinger knuckle. Just press hard on the point right under your nose. At first, this will feel somewhat painful, but you'll soon get used to the pressure. So continue this treatment, and you'll find that your toothache is gone.

There's one more effective way of relieving your toothache without opening your mouth and that's to place on the side of the face a cold compress or ice pack where it hurts. Apply the ice and hold it there until the pain eases.

These are just a few other small little tips that are used in an emergency. When there are no other home treatments available and when you desperately need to stop a tooth ache quickly.

There are a lot of very effective home remedies for toothaches and it's worth knowing a few of them, so that you'll be better prepared for the pain should you have an future experience and just in case Pacific Dental Care and Fastbraces offices are closed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Avoid Toothaches When You Have Cavities

The obvious way to avoid a toothache, if you've a cavity, is to have it fixed. Not everyone is able to afford to have a tooth fixed. For those who cannot afford a dentist, here are a few tips to steer clear of unnecessary toothaches:

1. Stay away from foods with a lot of sugar. Avoid eating foods with a lot of sugar; almost all toothaches happen almost instantly after eating these foods. Some of these foods include: hard candy, ice cream, candy bars, sugary cereals, and sugary liquid (like maple syrup).

2. Stay away from cold weather. Teeth should be kept as warm as possible. Cold weather will trigger a toothache if you've a cavity. Once chilled, it's almost always too late to get to some place warm. So it's better to just stay away from all cold as much as possible. If you must go where it's cold, stay out in the cold as much as possible. Being exposed to cold weather for a while will trigger a toothache.
Avoid Toothaches

3. Avoid any foods that are difficult to chew. Hard foods put pressure on your teeth when they are chewed. Avoid eating food that is hard to chew. When you put a lot of pressure on a tooth--with a cavity-- this will likely lead to a toothache.

Some of the typical foods to avoid that are hard to chew are: carrots, beef jerky, steak, and nuts, just to name a few. Obviously, you should avoid foods that are tough to chew.

You can avoid toothaches by following these guidelines, but you can't get rid of them entirely if you have a real cavity. You will always want to visit a dentist ASAP to properly fix it, like Pacific Dental & Fastbraces til you have the cavity repaired or removed, you'll always suffer from a toothache.